I’m not mainstream – I don’t advocate mainstream.

This channel is about sharing my
lifestyle, Ideology, health and fitness. Why ‘Iron Mike’? Simple really – I eat lots of leafy green vegetables and fruits daily.
I dropped the meat and dairy and adopted a plant based,
nutrient dense, organic (as far as possible) vegan diet over 5 years ago –
the results have been tremendous, both physically and spiritually.
I want to share it, and I want you to try it. It’s a myth that vegans are malnourished and weak. In fact – the opposite is true.

Everywhere you look in modern day society you see malnourishment – YES, that
overweight person sat behind the wheel of a car IS malnourished.
If you are devoid of the right nutrients for optimal human health you are
malnourished. We need LESS cars on the road and we need MORE Vegans in the world.
Find out more about both subjects on this blog.